Dying Light Ultimate Edition Steam Gift GLOBAL

EUR 69.99

Dying Light is an action survival game presented in first-person perspective. The game is set in a vast and dangerous open world. During the day, you roam an urban environment devastated by a mysterious epidemic, scavenging for supplies and crafting weapons to help you defeat the hordes of mindless,

Zero Reflex: Black Eye Edition Steam Gift GLOBAL

EUR 2.99

Circles, bullets, shurikens, rockets, saws and time ... they're all after you! Zero Reflex is a psychedelic evader which tests both your dexterity and your nerves in a fast-paced punishing environment that keeps pushing your limits. Zero Reflex puts 60 challenges in front of you. You have no save points

Legends of Pegasus Steam Gift GLOBAL

EUR 0.49

Legends of Pegasus is set in a far-flung galaxy, in the long distant future, as a small group of human survivors strives to recreate their lost empire. The player, in control of this ragtag fleet, must explore the depths of space, encountering other space-faring races that can quickly become helpful


EUR 6.49

You are the Prototype, Alex Mercer, a man without memory armed with amazing shape-shifting abilities, hunting your way to the heart of the conspiracy which created you; making those responsible pay. 

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016 Plus GLOBAL Gift Steam

EUR 99.99

The revolution for your gaming videos: MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016 Plus (German title: MAGIX Video deluxe 2016 Plus). Edit your walkthroughs on up to 99 tracks or capture exciting moments of triumph on Let's Play.Whether you're a beginner or an experienced gamer, you can work in studio quality even on

Talisman - The Firelands Expansion Key Steam GLOBAL

USD 3.48

Those who forged the Crown have returned!Great treasure and great peril arise from the burning depths. The Ifrit have risen from their underground kingdom to consume all the land in flaming death. They will not stop until every field is burned to ash and every surface dweller is clapped in chains of

Necro Immortallis Steam Key GLOBAL

EUR 0.00

Death cannot feel fear.Death cannot have a heart.In the Deptonn hospital Dr. Hurden is performing terrible experiments with patients, that always die afterwards. The experiments continue until one evening Hurden succeeds and the patient doesn't feel fear and pain anymore.Father Temius then performs a

The Witness Steam Key GLOBAL

EUR 16.97

You wake up, alone, on a strange island full of puzzles that will challenge and surprise you.You don't remember who you are, and you don't remember how you got here, but there's one thing you can do: explore the island in hope of discovering clues, regaining your memory, and somehow finding your way

Company of Heroes 2 - The Western Front Armies Key Steam GLOBAL

EUR 9.80

Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies is the first Standalone Multiplayer release for Company of Heroes 2. The focus shifts back to the Western Front, depicting some of the most brutal fighting of World War II in the darkest days of the conflict. The addition of the US Forces and the German Oberkommando

Frontline Tactics - Medic Gift Steam GLOBAL

EUR 4.59

Feeling better already! The Medic – skilled military personnel responsible for providing first aid and frontline trauma care on the battlefield, but can still hold his own in a firefight.

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The Case of the Mummy's Curse Steam Key GLOBAL

USD 0.82

The London Times started it all – calling the murders the work of an ancient Egyptian curse. I accused the tabloid of capitalizing on the superstitions of the populace. Yet, three men were dead, with the wrappings of a 4000-year old mummy binding their fates together. I find it hardly plausible

Democracy 3 Africa Steam Key RU/CIS

USD 17.52

Welcome to AfricaHave you ever wanted to be president or prime-minister? Convinced you could do a better job of running the country? Let's face it, you could hardly do a worse job than our current political leaders.Take Control of African PoliticsDemocracy 3: Africa is the new standalone 're-imagining'

My Lands: Miner’s Luck - Extended Pack Key Steam GLOBAL

EUR 45.99

The present add-on increase the mining speed of all resource types for 6 months (180 days).

Roommates Bonus Content Gift Steam GLOBAL

EUR 0.99

Roommates Bonus Content includes:Full game soundtrack in MP3Wallpapers of all the characters including exclusive artwork not seen in the game

Squirreltopia + Domestic Dog Simulator Steam Gift GLOBAL

EUR 5.99

Squirreltopia - Squirrel-based Hardcore 2D Platformer with no gimmicks or filler. Save the Squirrel population from the evil robotic Squirrel, Shadowtail! Domestic Dog Simulator - Become a random dog in a random house and survive the harsh domestic life! Explore the city and interact with the world

It's Spring Again Collector's Edition Content Key Steam GLOBAL

EUR 1.99

It's Spring Again Collector's Edition contents:Exclusive artbook from Asya YurinaVideo with original The Forest Raised a Christmas Tree puppet show (English subtitles included) 

CyberLink PhotoDirector 7 Ultra GLOBAL Key Steam

EUR 99.99

PhotoDirector 7 Ultra makes photo editing easier and faster with an extreme blend of powerful features. Versatile tools such as layer-based editing, pro-level blur effects, and color presets open up new avenues of creativity. Correct lens distortions, remove unwanted objects, and touch-up faces to achieve

Company of Heroes 2 - German Skin (H) Voronezh Improvised Pattern Gift Steam GLOBAL

EUR 1.99

GERMAN SKIN: (H) Voronezh Improvised Pattern Spraying brownish sand color over the factory standard gray made for quickly applied but effective camouflage during the assault on Voronezh. This skin is used only for the heavy weight class.

Ball of Wonder Steam Gift GLOBAL

EUR 2.99

Clowns are freak you out? It's time to revenge!Ball of Wonder is an arkanoid style game, in the magnicifent world of circuses. Play througth 50 levels in 9 game mode alone or in cooperate with your friend. Destroy the puzzle elements, Ferris wheel' steats and clowns.Ball of Wonder has 9 different power-ups

Hollow Knight Steam Key GLOBAL

USD 15.89

Check depths of a Forgotten KingdomYou are one of the citizens of fading town known as Dirtmouth. You are quite an enigmatic person and people call you the Hollow Knight. There is a tale which says that beneath the Dirtmouth city resides an ancient, Forgotten Kingdom full of riches and old secrets. You

Marvel Heroes - Winter Soldier Pack Key Steam GLOBAL

EUR 16.99

Originally the teenage sidekick of Captain America, Bucky Barnes was thrust into a life of torture and black ops work after being caught in an explosion caused by Baron Zemo. Post-explosion, Bucky was captured by a secret organization in Russia that used cryogenic freezing and advanced mind-wiping techniques

Battlefield 3 - Back to Karkand Origin Key GLOBAL

EUR 0.74

Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand is the first DLC to Battlefield 3. It features four maps remade from Battlefield 2. Now you can experience all of these legendary maps again, this time on a completely new engine. In Back to Karkand players have the opportunity to visit legendary maps from Battlefield

Super Intergalactic Gang Steam Gift GLOBAL

EUR 3.99

Picture a futuristic Earth plagued by aliens. Easy to imagine, right? What you probably aren't aware of are the people who are rising up to the challenge. Meet the Super Intergalactic Gang, a team of the best alien-blasting professionals the Earth has to offer. Super Intergalactic Gang is a

Rocksmith - Santana Feat Rob Thomas - Smooth Key Steam GLOBAL

EUR 2.99

Play Smooth by Santana feat. Rob Thomas on any electric guitar or bass. This song includes a new Authentic Tone accessed in AMP mode.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 - Armored Dracula Costume Gift Steam GLOBAL

EUR 0.99

Includes a leather textured coat with new filigree designs, redesigned central belt armor, battle greaves and pants and a new beard to complete the look.An all new, highly detailed costume for the famed Lord of Darkness, Dracula of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. Includes a full length, leather textured

Dreamfall Chapters Steam Gift GLOBAL

EUR 34.99

Dreamfall Chapters is the highly anticipated Kickstarted-funded follow-up to award-winning adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. Dreamfall Chapters Special Edition is finally available for pre-purchase! In addition to the Season Pass, the Special Edition includes

Titus the Fox Steam Key GLOBAL

USD 2.22

Join Titus the Fox in his hilarious adventure "To Marrakech and Back". On foot, riding a skateboard or flying your magic carpet, you set off across the Sahara to free your kidnapped love - Foxy! You encounter many enemies such as Babyboon, the kid with the deadly bottle, and Toyo, the spectacled

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